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CCTV Installation

Video Surveillance can be the most challenging workflows for any storage system. When all the variables are taken into account – number of cameras, type of video format, frame rate, video compression, and retention days – the amount of data can become very large very quickly.

The CyberStore VS range of video server and storage appliances are optimised specifically for video surveillance. The CyberStore VS is based on the industry standard open platform, so you are not tied in to expensive proprietary solutions. There are no capacity licence fees and no client access licence fees. Our Solutions are the most cost effective enterprise storage solutions on the market.

These high-performance All-in-One Video Server and Storage Appliances are reliable, affordable and easy to install. Built from industry compatible components they’ll also work with your existing infrastructure and surveillance software.

We are specialists in the supply and configuration of CCTV storage servers.

We have many years of experience supplying some of the largest OEM CCTV providers within the UK and have worked with and integrated all major VMS software solutions, including but not limited to, Cathexis Vision, Hikvision and Milestone XProtect.

We understand exactly the type of environments these systems go into as well as customers’ requirements for low noise, high availability and security.

We’ve put together a range of CCTV NVR systems to configure and purchase online, but we are happy to discuss full OEM solutions, such as branding the chassis to your company logo and colours, installation of custom cards and controllers and more.